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Friendship Suites

Just Right For Many Seniors

Perhaps you love the idea of moving into an independent living or assisted living community, but you're concerned about your budget. Or maybe you simply don't want to live alone. Either way, many of our senior living communities offer the perfect solution - Friendship Suites.* Friendship Suites are an option that allows two individuals the opportunity to share an apartment, make new friends, and realize a monthly cost savings. All the benefits of companion living while still receiving the same full scope of personalized attention, outstanding services and amenities that all our communities offer.

How are "friendship suites" arranged?

We work hard to match compatible personality types and shared interests, with the goal of creating a basis for friendship. Another advantage of companion living is that it gives you someone to become acquainted with immediately. And we all recognize that knowing one person makes it easier to meet others. Friendship Suites are especially well suited to someone who has been recently widowed or is moving from a private home. Of course, if you find you aren't compatible with your "friend," we’ll make every effort to find you a new companion.

What are the benefits of companion living?

  • It promotes socialization opportunities, friendship and safety in a supportive environment.
  • Piece of mind knowing there is always someone close by.
  • From a cost perspective, someone participating in this program may save up to 30% of Assisted Living costs.

Who can benefit from companion living?

  • Really, anyone may benefit from the Companion Living Program at one time or another
  • Individuals recovering from a significant injury or illness may be well suited for this option because it promotes self-sufficiency.
  • Someone who has lost a loved one, friend or spouse.

What are the amenities?

  • Furnished Apartments are available upon request.
  • Three meals a day served restaurant style.
  • Daily Activities and Exercise Programs.
  • Weekly outings to malls and restaurants.
  • Weekly housekeeping and laundry service.
  • Schedule Medical Transportation.
  • Access to visiting doctors and in-house rehabilitation.

How are companion living roommates found?

  • Residents of similar interests, abilities and care requirements are matched for this program.
  • Emeritus also takes personality types into consideration to ease the transition.

What if we are not compatible?

Emeritus makes every effort to resolve any concerns the individuals have in any given situation and provide choices. Sometimes that may mean finding a new apartment or roommate.

* Be sure to check with the specific Emeritus community to be sure the Friendship Suite option is offered.