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Executive Management

Executive Management


Daniel R. Baty, Chairman of the Board and Co-Chief Executive Officer

Dan Baty
Chairman of the Board

In 1993, Dan had a vision of creating a community for seniors that provided compassionate care at an affordable price. Together with Ray Brandstrom and Frank Ruffo, and more than 75 years of combined experience with nursing homes and senior housing between them, they opened the doors of their first community in Renton, Washington. Dan served as the company’s first CEO and served as Co-CEO with Granger Cobb when Emeritus acquired Summerville in 2007. He resigned as Co-Chief Executive Officer in 2011, but remains our Chairman of the Board of Directors. Dan has also served as Chairman of the Board of Columbia Pacific Group, Inc. and, since 1986, as Chairman of the Board of Columbia Pacific Management, Inc. Both of these companies are engaged in developing independent living facilities and providing consulting services for that market.

Granger Cobb, President and Chief Executive Officer

Granger Cobb
President and Chief Executive Officer

Granger joined Emeritus in 2007 with the acquisition of Summerville Senior Living. He serves as President and Chief Executive Officer and as a director. He oversaw the successful integration of Summerville’s 83 communities and the reorganization of Emeritus’ operating oversight structure and has guided the growth of the company while championing a resident and family-focused culture throughout the organization. Prior to joining Emeritus in 2007, Granger served as President, Chief Executive Officer, and a director of Summerville Senior Living. He joined Summerville in 1998 with its acquisition of Cobbco, Inc., a California-based assisted living company, which he founded in 1989. Granger holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychobiology from UCLA and has worked in the senior living industry for virtually his entire career. He has a passion for senior citizens and for providing them with choice, independence, and quality of life. He also understands the challenges facing adult children as they struggle to care for aging parents, while maintaining their own quality of life. Granger is active in several industry associations and has served on the boards of the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA), the National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing & Care Industry (NIC), and the American Seniors Housing Association (ASHA).

Robert C. Bateman, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Robert C. Bateman
Executive Vice President - Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Caring for seniors impacts all of us, because we have connections to family members and friends who precede us in age. Rob’s connection to senior living combines a background in health care and technology (yes – senior living increasingly uses technology!), including current and former NASDAQ-listed companies Fisher Communications, Inc., Applied Microsystems Corporation and NeoPath, Inc. Mr. Bateman began his career at Ernst & Young LLP in 1987. He holds both CPA and CMA certifications. He is pleased to bring his skills to a population who have cleared the paths before us, our seniors. He joined Emeritus in 2009.

Chris Hyatt, Senior Vice President - Operations

Chris Hyatt
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Chris’ passion for helping people began at an early age. Both of his parents dedicated over 30 years of their lives in an acute care setting. Chris’ career journey also began in a hospital environment. After aiding patients for seven years, Chris chose to focus his attention on caring for seniors and he joined the Emeritus Senior Living family in 1998. During his tenure, he has held a variety of roles including operations, sales and marketing, and quality services. Throughout this time, Chris continues to be humbled to serve a population for which he has great compassion and to work with a team of professionals who work every day to make a positive difference in the lives of seniors.

Mark Finkelstein, Executive Vice President - Corporate Development, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Mark Finkelstein
Executive Vice President - Corporate Development, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Mark’s path to senior care was neither planned for nor anticipated, but he was stirred by the company's passion for service to seniors. Prior to joining Emeritus, Mark served as a strategy advisor for private investment management firms in the United States and Europe and as the chief executive officer and a member of the board of directors of Novellus Capital Management, LLC, a specialized asset management firm. From 1986 to 2006, he practiced law with the Seattle law firm of Graham & Dunn P.C., where he specialized in mergers and acquisitions, complex financing strategies, and other corporate transactions. Mark has been with Emeritus since 2011.

Budgie Amparo, Executive Vice President - Quality Services

Budgie Amparo, RN, MSN
Executive Vice President - Quality Services

As the youngest in his family, Budgie was surrounded by seniors growing up. It was his family who suggested nursing as a career, and he fell in love with it, getting a Master’s degree in Nursing. He has a wealth of experience in nursing education, acute care, skilled nursing and assisted living. Prior to joining Emeritus, Budgie served as Vice President of Quality and Risk Management for Summerville from 2002 until we completed the Summerville acquisition in 2007, when he joined Emeritus. Prior to joining Summerville, Mr. Amparo worked for Kaiser Permanente where he opened Kaiser Permanente's first sub-acute skilled nursing facility in Northern CA in 2002. Budgie feels working with seniors is his destiny and he is passionate about making a difference in the lives of seniors. His goal is to be instrumental in promoting their autonomy and independence by allowing them to make informed choices based on their uniqueness and use this advocacy to preserve their dignity as they age in place.

Jayne Sallerson, Senior Vice President - Marketing

Jayne Sallerson
Executive Vice President - Sales and Marketing

Jayne became involved in Senior Living by accident while working for a Group Purchasing Company. She called on an assisted living community to see if she could get them to use the vendors she represented. A few months later, she received a call from a Regional Operations person who was so impressed with Jayne’s passion, she recruited her to work in senior living. Fifteen years later, Jayne has been blessed to help thousands of families and seniors both directly and indirectly. She continues to be touched by the positive change Emeritus brings to the lives of its residents and their families – stories she hears every day. While sales professionals tend to be haunted by negative stereotypes, Jayne is proud to say that her job is to help seniors enhance their quality of life. Jayne has been with Emeritus since 2007.

Melanie Werdel, Executive Vice President - Administration

Melanie Werdel
Executive Vice President - Administration

Melanie’s career in senior living began at the age of 23 when she served as an Executive Director for a senior living community in California. What she learned was that seniors were more than people who needed our care and compassion, but they had a great deal to share about life and offer the younger generations. That’s when she decided that she wanted to spend her career advocating for seniors. In 1998, she took what she learned and expanded her role and responsibilities, serving as Vice President of Administration for Cobbco, Inc., a California-based assisted living and skilled nursing company. She went on to serve as Senior Vice President of Administration for Summerville Senior Living, Inc. and, in 2007, was named the Executive Vice President—Administration, at Emeritus. In this role, she oversees the overall risk management, human resources and operational policies and procedures. She has also served as the Board Chair of the California Assisted Living Association and presently serves on the Executive Board of the American Seniors Housing Association.

Steve Tarr, Executive Vice President - Information Technology

Steve Tarr
Executive Vice President - Information Technology

Steve has spent many years in health care, using technology to both better serve the daily needs of seniors and provide them with robust access to family, friends, entertainment, information, and care resources. With a population that continues to enjoy longer lifespans, Steve is passionate about ensuring that people are able to live vibrant lives as they age. He understands that technology plays a major role in achieving that goal and he has the expertise and aptitude to make it happen. Prior to Emeritus, Steve provided executive leadership developing technology enabled business strategies with a number of healthcare organizations in the U.S. He has also served on the faculties at the University of Massachusetts and Washington State University. He has been with Emeritus since April 2013..

Chris Belford - Senior Vice President—Operations

Chris Belford
Senior Vice President—Operations

Chris started his career right out of college in the Hospitality industry and through this experience, he learned of his passion to serve others. Having placed his grandparents in several health care settings, Chris became acutely aware of the contributions he could make to this population and thus he began his career in senior housing and has had a variety of roles in his over 25 years in the industry. He has been fortunate to find a team of professionals who have similar passion in service for older adults. Since his tenure with Emeritus, Chris has held several positions and is currently overseeing the operations of over 250 communities in the western United States. In addition, Chris serves in a variety of leadership roles in various associations whose shared mission is to advocate for seniors. Chris joined Emeritus in 2001.

John Cincotta, Senior Vice President - Sales

John Cincotta
Senior Vice President - Sales

John has always wanted a career with a strong sense of purpose and for him, there is no stronger purpose than caring for seniors and their families. John joined Emeritus in 1997 as the National Director of New Developments and has held his current position since 2007. In this position, he has had the extraordinary opportunity to meet with residents from all over the country and hear their stories, which serve as his inspiration every day. Prior to joining Emeritus, John served as Divisional Sales and Marketing Director for Beverly Enterprises for the states of California and Washington and as the Regional Director of Sales and Marketing for the Hillhaven Corporation. John is pleased to serve on the Sales and Marketing Executive roundtable for the Assisted Living Federation of America.

Susan Coppola, Senior Vice President - Compliance

Susan Coppola
Senior Vice President - Compliance

Susan’s passion for senior care started with her career as a Registered Nurse in Boston. She has over 25 years’ experience in the health care industry and has held various management positions with Blue Cross Blue Shield, PricewaterhouseCoopers’ health care consulting practice, and Boston Regional Medical Center. She then served as the chief clinical executive for Harborside Healthcare, one of the nation’s largest providers of skilled nursing and rehabilitative services. Most recently, Sue served as the chief clinical officer and the chief compliance officer of Sun Healthcare Group, a healthcare services company with 28,000 employees in 46 states. She joined Emeritus in March 2013.

Chris Guay - Senior Vice President—Ancillary Services

Chris Guay
Senior Vice President - Operations and Ancillary Services

Chris started his career in supportive housing over 20 years ago, initially working in community-based adult group homes and with traumatically brain injured children. After finishing a degree in Physical Therapy, his first experience in senior living came when he took a job with a Rehab company, where he worked for several Emeritus communities, which led to a passion for working with seniors and a respect for Emeritus. As his passion for working with this amazing group of people grew, he became an Executive Director of Emeritus at Pine Park in Hendersonville, NC. As Emeritus grew, Chris took on even greater responsibilities, serving in many capacities in over 200 communities across the Eastern United States. After working with thousands of seniors, Chris’ passion for helping seniors continues to grow and he is honored to have a career that truly makes a positive difference in the lives of seniors. He joined Emeritus in 1998.

Jim L. Hanson, Senior Vice President - Financial Services and Controller

Jim L. Hanson
Senior Vice President - Financial Services and Controller

Jim was able to experience the joys and challenges of aging up close and personal as he spent much of the first few years of his life cared for by an “adopted” set of grandparents, who took care of him while his parents worked. Some of his best childhood memories include spending time with both of his “real” grandmothers, who both lived to age 96. So after working in the financial and accounting field for PepsiCo for 21 years, Jim brought his skills to a place that focused on caring for seniors. While he isn’t on the “front lines,” Jim derives great satisfaction in supporting the employees who take care of our seniors every day. He is currently responsible for the overall management of the accounting department, treasury, and government reimbursement. He has been with Emeritus since 2000.

Eric Mendelsohn, Senior Vice President - Corporate Development

Eric Mendelsohn
Senior Vice President - Corporate Development

Eric became interested in senior care after of placing his grandmother in an assisted living community. He was struck by the improvements in her health and mental attitude that resulted from the care and interaction she received. Eric joined Emeritus as Director of Real Estate and Legal Affairs in February 2006. He is currently responsible for the acquisition, development and financing of new and existing Emeritus buildings. He brings over 25 years of experience in real estate and related financing to his role and is a member of the Bar in both Washington and Florida. Prior to joining Emeritus, he served as a Transaction Officer for the University of Washington where he managed the acquisition, leasing and financing of health care properties for the School of Medicine.

Terri K. Maupin, Senior Vice President - Corporate Accounting

Terri K. Maupin
Senior Vice President - Corporate Accounting

For the next step in her finance career, Terri was interested in finding a company that had a mission of service to people and community. Emeritus’ culture of caring and service to seniors, combined with her own experience of her grandmother’s improved well-being from the personal care received at a nursing home, lead her to believe that this is where she wanted to contribute. Terri has over 25 years’ experience in finance and accounting at publicly-held companies. Prior to joining Emeritus, she was the Chief Accounting Officer at Blue Nile, a leading E-commerce retailer. Other previous roles include Staff Vice-President of Finance and Controller at Alaska Air Group, Director of Financial Reporting at Nordstrom and audit manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers (formerly Coopers & Lybrand). She is also a CPA. She joined Emeritus in April 2013.

John Spaid
Senior Vice President, Financial Planning and Analysis

The great care we provide our residents begins with our caregivers. John leads a team of professionals who work tirelessly to efficiently assist our staff to quickly understand the business, make decisions, and free them to focus on care delivery as much as possible. With 30 years of financial and accounting experience, John leads the Financial Planning activities for Emeritus, which supports operations, acquisitions, finance, forecasting and Board reporting. John received an MBA from the University of Michigan, and then went on to become a Senior Consultant for Deloitte, providing services to large acute care organizations. John continued to grow his finance and accounting background becoming CFO for several Midwest-based entrepreneurial real estate organizations. John’s career has spanned the entire real estate product spectrum including office, retail, industrial, residential and land investment and development. John entered the Senior Housing industry in 2008 when he became CFO for Aegis Living, a medium-sized West Coast-based senior housing operator and developer. He joined Emeritus in January 2012.

Liberty Stansberry
Senior Vice President of Human Resources

Liberty’s interest in making a difference in people’s lives began in college, where she received a degree in Human Services. She spent two years volunteering as a mentor to Native American students and as a tutor and mentor in the Bellingham school district. Her passion for improving people’s lives dovetailed nicely into a career in senior living. In her role, Liberty directs the development and implementation of company-wide human resources policies. She is also the President of the Emeritus Employee Fund Board of Directors, a nonprofit organization founded in 2009 to allocate resources to Emeritus employees in need of assistance. She is a member of the Society of Human Resources Management and currently serves as the Chair of the Assisted Living Federation of America Human Resources Executive Roundtable. She joined the Emeritus family in 2001.

Pamela Engle
Senior Vice President of Benefits, Compensation and Risk Management

Pam has worked with seniors her whole life. As the youngest of five children, her parents were all but retired and she experienced firsthand the challenges faced by families as loved ones age. When the opportunity to use her professional skills at a company whose primary mission is to serve seniors, she jumped at the chance and joined the Emeritus team in 1997. Pam is responsible for the company’s benefits, compensation, and risk management programs. She is a Certified Benefits Professional (CBP) as well as a Certified Compensation Professional (CCP) and serves on the Human Resources Executive Roundtable of the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA).