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Memory Tricks and Aids

Tricks and Aids for Improving Short- and Long-Term Memory

There are some tricks and aids you can use to improve your ability to remember things.[1][13][14]

  • Repeat things. Saying things out loud will strengthen your memory for them. You get feedback by saying them out loud too, which will help you remember the information.
  • Envision the information. If you can imagine what the item is that you are trying to remember, you'll likely to retain it. Visual images are the easiest type of information to remember.
  • Create an association. Associate the information you're trying to remember with something you that's familiar to you. For example, if you've met someone new who looks like a friend from high school, try linking the new person's name with your friend's name.
  • Become emotionally involved. This can improve your memory of certain information. If you create a funny or unusual association, you are more likely to remember it.
  • Sleep on it. We often solidify memories over night. Give yourself some time to develop recall for new information.
  • Limit size. It's easier to remember small chunks of information, so memorize small pieces of information at a time.
Publish Date: 
Saturday, August 1, 2009